The Concept

The Things I Believe Project (TIBP) is an online journal consisting of articles written on topics important to the writers and, hopefully, to numerous others online. As the publisher, I wanted a place where I could publish statements of belief—my own, as well as others—in a formal and yet not overly technical style. All who are involved in this project strive to make sure the articles are clear and well-written. Though anyone can submit an article for consideration, each article will need to adhere to our submission guidelines and will be put through an informal peer-review process. TIBP provides the opportunity for anyone to write and submit an article on topics they are passionate about. These works will be archived at and shared with the world.

I hope that you will consider contributing to TIBP as an author, a peer reviewer, or as a reader who engages and posts interesting questions and perspectives. I also hope that this online journal will provide you with thought-provoking information and "food" for your intellect.

Please contact me personally if I can answer any questions.

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