The Genesis Labyrinth: 2nd Edition


Updated and Expanded Edition of The Genesis Labyrinth: Investigating Alternatives in the First Eleven Chapters of Genesis

The book, which was awarded the BlueInk Review “Notable Book” award in its 1st edition, has been released in a completely expanded and updated 2nd edition (publish date Oct. 23, 2020; $18.99, paperback; $9.99, e-book). The book includes four new chapters and over 100 pages of new content. The second edition has been rewritten from the ground up and represents a significant upgrade to the original work.

Book cover: 2nd edition

BOOK DESCRIPTION: Truth seekers of all stripes have long grappled with the perplexing narratives found in the book of Genesis. Though written over 3,000 years ago, there are still many questions that elicit deep thought and debate: Is Genesis a historically reliable account? Is the Bible an inspired book? How should one interpret it? Was Noah’s flood an actual event, and if so, was it global or local? Did early humans live hundreds of years, as reported in Genesis? Since scholars differ widely in their interpretations, it’s not surprising that the lay public struggles with the themes.

The Genesis Labyrinth hopes to acquaint readers with the multifaceted concepts in the first eleven chapters of the Bible. Incorporating ideas from a wide array of scholars and perspectives, the author presents the information in a balanced and straightforward manner while representing all sides of the theological debate. With myriad viewpoints and possible solutions to life’s most profound questions, The Genesis Labyrinth encourages Christian believers to engage in deep critical thinking to come to conclusions about unanswered biblical questions.

What Others Say About The Genesis Labyrinth

“All in all, this is an exceptional overview of contemporary, scholarly interpretations of Genesis. An impressively researched review of Christian biblical thought.” ~Kirkus Review

“Overall, this work is scholarly yet immensely readable–even personal. Although the trend in our culture is for small bites, Diaz lays out a feast for us, resulting in a book that is highly recommended for readers who hold a biblical/Christian worldview and other laypersons motivated to learn.” ~A BlueInk Review “NOTABLE BOOK”

“The author’s writing is professional, eloquent, and creative, clearly informing the reader of specific facts, theories, and perspectives while maintaining the reader’s attention through an interesting scope of ideas relating to the book of Genesis.” ~Xulon Independent Review

About the Author

David P. Diaz, Ed.D. is an author, retired college professor, and publisher of Things I Believe Project. His writings have spanned the gamut from peer-reviewed technical articles to his memoir, which won the 2006 American Book Award. Dr. Diaz holds a Bachelor’s and Master of Science degree from California Polytechnic State University, a Master of Arts in Philosophical Apologetics from Houston Christian University, and a Doctor of Education specializing in Computing and Information Technology from Nova Southeastern University.

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