The Genesis Labyrinth Moves on to Cover Design


After a lengthy time spent on editing (~8 weeks) and typesetting (~4  weeks), my upcoming book—The Genesis Labyrinth—has moved on to Cover Design. Now that I have approved the typesetting document, the publisher’s artists are set to work on the custom cover design of the book. During this phase, I will provide a basic idea for the cover and the graphic artists will turn that idea into a custom cover design.

While editing had many challenges (8 versions of edits), the typesetting phase also turned out to be time-consuming (4 versions of edits). The bulk of the work is now done and the fun stuff begins. I provided a “mock” cover to the graphic design folks, who will take my rudimentary idea and turn it into something worthy of all the effort placed into the book thus far.

Before the book was sent to the publisher for the first round of edits, I took the book through many rounds of rough edits and then two full passes of the book with a copy editor. So far, I’ve spent 6 months getting the book from its rough stages to its current state. I am hoping it will be worth the effort. As with all books, the process is truly a labor of love.

DQ, aka Don Quixote, aka David Diaz
David Diaz, aka Don Quixote, publisher, editor

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