New Book, The Genesis Labyrinth, Expected Soon


David Diaz, the editor and publisher of Things I Believe Project, has written a new book, which is expected to publish soon. The book titled, The Genesis Labyrinth, which will be the author’s second book, is devoted to the first eleven chapters of the book of Genesis.

The book of Genesis has inspired considerable debate among scholars in the secular world as well as within all of Christendom. Most people are still searching for answers to the most perplexing questions: Is there a God? Was Noah’s flood universal or local? Were Adam and Eve the first humans? These as well as other crucial questions are addressed in The Genesis Labyrinth. Written for the purpose of acquainting readers with the many profound issues in the Bible’s first eleven chapters, this book focuses on the most controversial subjects while providing viewpoints devoid of predictable theological conclusions. The Genesis Labyrinth will be of interest to readers still undecided on the perpetual controversies in the book of Genesis.

There are several steps to publishing a book. First, one must find a publisher. The publisher of The Genesis Labyrinth will be Covenant Books. After accepting the terms of the publisher, the manuscript went to the editing department. That process took a few weeks to make sure that all the style and formatting requirements were set and that the text was as perfect as possible. Last week the manuscript entered the typesetting phase. This is where the manuscript is formatted into a print ready file. This phase will take some time as well since there are minute stylistic changes that still must be made. I sent my first batch of corrections to the typeset this past Monday.

I will keep you abreast of the progress on this site. Stay tuned…

DQ, aka Don Quixote, aka David Diaz
David Diaz, aka DQ, aka Don Quixote, publisher, editor

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