New Book, The Genesis Labyrinth, now available


The new book, “The Genesis Labyrinth: Investigating alternatives in the book of Genesis,” is now available online at Amazon, iTunes Store and Barnes & Noble.

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Book description: The book of Genesis has inspired considerable debate among scholars in the secular world as well as within all of Christendom. Most people are still searching for answers to the most perplexing questions: Is there a God? Was Noah’s flood universal or local? Were Adam and Eve the first humans? These as well as other crucial questions are addressed in The Genesis Labyrinth. Written for the purpose of acquainting readers with the many profound issues in the Bible’s first eleven chapters, this book focuses on the most controversial subjects while providing viewpoints devoid of predictable theological conclusions. The Genesis Labyrinth will be of interest to readers still undecided on the perpetual controversies in the book of Genesis.

About the author: David P. Diaz, Ed.D., is an author and retired college professor. His writings have spanned the gamut between peer-reviewed technical articles to his memoir, The White Tortilla, which won the 2006 American Book Award. Dr. Diaz holds bachelor and master of science degrees from California Polytechnic State University and a doctoral degree in education from Nova Southeastern University where he earned the 2000 Research Excellence Award. His theological education was attained through coursework at several universities and seminaries. He lives with his wife and youngest daughter on the central coast of California.

This book can be purchased online at (click on images below):

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